Video Walls

The magic behind video walls is in the Content Management Software, or CMS, which allows the separate video panels within a video wall to be broken up into zones. Each zone can display its’ own content or can be incorporated into one, or several, larger zones. Examples of what these zones can display:

Static images like .jpg, .gif, .png, .jpeg, and many more
Digital movies like .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .swf and many more
Powerpoint presentations
RSS feed information such as athletic scores, weather, stock tickers, emergency alerts, etc.
Live video from a cable box, satellite, DVD/Blueray player, etc.
The different formats of content can be displayed at the same time on different zones within the video wall.

    Features of Video Walls:

  • Easily display multimedia content such as live sporting events, public broadcasts, news channels, movies, advertising, or corporate media.
  • Ideal for use in bars and restaurants, retail stores, conference rooms, boardrooms, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Easily managed through a simple Web-based interface.
  • Simple to use HDMI input interface: Accepts contents from any HDMI devices such as PC, Blu-Ray DVD, Satellite or cable receivers, web streaming box, etc.
  • Stream media as far as 600 meters through ethernet.
  • Wide variety of screen configurations from 2X1 up to 4X4 (2X2, 3X3, 2X3, 3X4, etc).

    Video Walls are perfect for:

  • Athletic stadiums or arenas
  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Exercise facilities
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Universities and schools
  • Hospitals and healthcare buildings
  • Waiting areas
  • Transit Terminals
  • Airports
  • Hotel lobbies