2015 has been a fantastic year for businesses who have embraced organic Search Engine Optimization as their digital marketing strategy. Google introduced a dozen of minor updates like a new algorithm for content, local three-pack to revamp local rankings, and even penalized websites that lagged behind in mobile compliance. Furthermore, latest digital assistant technologies have been introduced, while new mobile devices have started shaping the future of ‘Search’ with perspective to user behavior. Therefore, it goes without saying that the importance of Search Engine Optimization will only grow with years.

2016 is approaching and it is time for the marketers to compile the latest SEO trends that will rule the next year. Discussed here are the top 5 SEO tactics that you should adopt to increase website visibility and drive conversions in 2016.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO becomes integral when your website drives potential users but is unable to convert them. It has been the buzzword in 2015 and is believed to grow in importance in the next year. Website managers will better harness event tracking and web tracking components in Google Analytics to determine how to convert users quickly. The use of Conversion Rate Optimization will also increase the rate of different types of conversion and different stages through the sales process. Top SEO companies like Perfecit.com specializes in organic SEO tactics with focus on CRO to convert potential leads into sales.

Mobile Optimization will Gain More Importance in 2016

In recent times, mobile search has outpaced desktop searches. Considering the growing number of mobile users, Google announced that desktop and mobile traffic was relatively equal in 2015. Furthermore, mobile optimization has become the latest trend as marketers are not ready to leave a major share of mobile market. This will continue even in 2016, eventually making mobile search more important than desktop. In this scenario, dedicated SEO services with focus on mobile optimization become crucial.

Video Content will Rule Over Written Content in ROI

Despite Google’s latest algorithm updates to promote video content, written content is considered the “standard” by a majority of users. It is a sort of baseline for most sites, with images, videos, infographics and other mediums are considered peripheral additions. However, 2016 will see a growing popularity of video content among users who believe that incorporating varied content formats is a more effective idea. Considering the increasing rate of video engagement recently, it is estimated that video will overtake written content in 2016 in terms of engagement, effectiveness, reach and ROI