Google is known as a popular search engine giant for good many reasons. It manages to get almost 6 billion search hits (queries) every day! According to SEO experts every fourth person in the world will continue using social media websites for varied purposes. Therefore, a badly designed online page or poor web presence cannot gather much traffic from search engine results or social media platforms.
For a successful performing website, it must include great visual effect and superior architectural layout. A modern contemporary design can make your website more appealing to users urging them to browse the pages.
Let us discuss some of the worst mistakes in website designing that affects SEO adversely

  • Over Stuffing Content – Having meaningful quality content is good. It should be relevant and informative to users. Most visitors are in a great rush and have no time or interest to read a lengthy write-up. Over stuffing words that have no comprehensive value only makes visitors jump to other relevant sites. Review your content regularly and trim it for quick and easy reading.
  • Including Jazzy Flash – Search engines do not support flash displays, therefore it is best to use your creative ideas and images to design websites. Most of the search engines do not index flash pages and even when they do, it has numerous errors. Visitors find it very difficult to load a flash induced web page as flash needs lot of band width.
  • Improper About Page – The ‘about page’ of any website helps visitors to find more valuable information on the website owner or company. Thus to create a superior impression, website SEO experts require to design one with right presentation; that gives a clear view of the team members, products and services. It should have the right mix of sober work ethics and subtle humor.
  • Ignoring website CTR – Website or blog enhanced with micro data can lure visiting traffic with a good presentable appearance. Adding Meta Tags and micro data will help search engines to sort out your content and list the site according to its relevancy. Micro data is extremely useful so as to improve website CTR or click through rate (for search engine listing).
  • Non- Business Related Content – Your content should be appropriately related to the nature of your services. Inconsistent website content can mislead search queries away from your site and reduce traffic. You should plan a business website designing content that holds only relevant matter on your business products and services.